Folklorno društvo Lancova vas


The Folklore Society of Lancova vas was founded in 1983 with the purpose of reviving, preserving and presenting our cultural tradition. The society consists of:

  • two adult folklore groups
  • two children’s folklore groups
  • female group of folk singers
  • male group of folk singers
  • folk musicians
  • the ‘Koranti’ (traditional masks) section

The society has been actively performing without stopping for 30 years. Each year we attend regional shows organised by the Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities. At these events we are occasionally also chosen to perform at the district or the republic shows.

In 1988 we have published the tape with the songs sung by our folk singers, entitled Behind the Haloze Gardens which includes some of the folk songs from our area. Between 1991 and 1993, the Slovene experts in ethnology Marija Makarovič, Phd, Mirko Ramovš and Aleš Gačnik, PhD, helped us to research the culture of clothing, folk customs and habits as well as dance and carnival traditions. Originating from these researches, we have enriched our performance programme with the new traditional costumes and dances typical of Lancova vas and its vicinity. The findings of the researches have been documented in our first book entitled The Heritage of Lancova vas and Its Vicinity – Costumes, Dances, Masks which was published by our society in 2003 when celebrating the 20th anniversary of our existence. In 2007 we have recorded a CD with folk songs from Lancova vas and its vicinity, sung and played by our folk singers and musicians. In 2013 the society celebrated its 30th anniversary and published another book on this occasion. It describes the stage performances of adult folklore groups and some stage performances of children's folklore groups. The book’s author is Ms Nežka Lubej and it is entitled Oh, the Countryside Is a Wonderful Place.

For some years now the society has been organising a gathering of folk singers and folk musicians at the time of the celebration of the day of three wise men. On the last day of April the society also organises the erection of the Maypole in the manner as it was once carried out, namely, with bare hands and without the use of any machines. On this occasion the villagers gather and sing, play and dance together. On St. Nicholas’ day we organise an event for the children. St. Nicholas comes accompanied by angels and devils and brings gifts to all good children.

The Folklore Society of Lancova vas is one of the few with so many members. All its sections have been active and successful in Slovenia as well as abroad. We have already performed in various countries, such as Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Czech, France, Croatia, Italia (also in Sardinia), Hungary, Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Switzerland and Turkey.



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